REITMethod online course gives you the proven way to add 3,000/year* of purely passive, automatic dividends to your bank account – with high certainty

Now, going through the course yourself would take at least 8+ hours in total, so you be thinking:

“What if I request the Chief Coach to advise me directly, in person so I cut short my learning curve?”

Maybe you are impatient, maybe you want a fast-track or maybe you just rather have the fish now and learn how to fish later….

I say – “WHY NOT?”

I have engaged CF Lieu for 1 on 1 consultation session, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who need independent financial advice

~ Dr Jangjit, Shah Alam

I can vouch for CF in delivering quality advisory work to clients. Definitely worth the professional fees

~ Dr Thinakaran Malapan, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist , TMC Ipoh (profile verifi-able HERE)

I appreciate Lieu’s down-to-earth and casual approach. I can say, I easily achieved 3x hard savings and ROI (return on investment) by engaging him 1 on 1 – that’s just in the first year!

~Brandon Loh, Independent Film Director , KL (profile verifi-able HERE)

Yes, add 1 on 1 consultation to my online course order

  • 60 minutes Zoom web conference session at a time convenient to you
  • Web cam session + screen sharing
  • Direct recommendation of which REITs to buy to construct your dividend portfolio
  • Consultation sessions, once done, are not refundable


Usual Consultation Fee = RM 500  199

No thanks, I’ll pass

*assuming 50k invested