REITMethod online course, coupled with 1 on 1 consultation session, gives you the proven strategy to generate passive, automatic dividends to your bank account – with high certainty


When we asked some of our members - 'why is this consistent cash-flow of 2x to 3x Fixed Deposit rate so important to you?'

The answer that often comes up is - 'Retirement Funding'

Like what Jacky Feng said about the REAL REASON WHY he want to incorporate REIT into his retirement planning



No doubt, REIT is one important, integral tool of your retirement funding and sustainability.

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But having a powerful tool without a plan of execution is a wasted effort because you aren't sure how it ties into your retirement plan.

And since I am a certified financial planner, I thought of giving you a preview of how you should chart a Retirement that you can reduce the number of nasty surprises involving your retirement finances.


Some of our clients, however, chose to engage us to construct a Retirement Roadmap for them.

And they said...

"I really appreciate Ching Foo - he is very detailed - Always gives a lot of thoughts to me, always trigger my thinking so we can make the advisory more comprehensive...I really think he stands from Customer Standpoint" ~ Hong, Ling Seng, 43 (Penang), married with 2 children, Senior Engineering Director @ a Multinational company


Yes, add Retirement Roadmapping to my order

  • Construct a retirement roadmap for you which provides consistent income stream, growing with inflation and largely unaffected by recession (we will contact you to schedule a fact-finding web conference session)
  • 3 x 60 minutes web conference session
  • Web cam session + screen sharing
  • Consultation sessions, once done, are not refundable

Usual Consultation Fee = RM 2,000  899

Yes, add Retirement Roadmapping 1 on 1 session1 time payment of 899

No thanks, I'll pass