REITMethod online course, coupled with 1 on 1 consultation session, gives you the proven strategy to generate passive, automatic dividends to your bank account – with high certainty

When we asked some of our members – ‘why is this consistent cash-flow of 2x to 3x Fixed Deposit rate so important to you?’

The answer that often comes up is – ‘Retirement Funding’

Like what Jacky Feng said about the REAL REASON WHY he want to incorporate REIT into his retirement planning

No doubt, REIT is one important, integral tool of your retirement funding and sustainability.

What is a Retirement Roadmap?

It is a Precisely Engineered, Personalized, Step-by-Step Plan That’ll Show You The Exact Actions To Take Every Day So Financial Freedom Is Concrete And Realistically Achievable.

No More Guessing And No More Doubts. The Only Thing Left To Do Is Complete The Actions.

You want financial freedom, but how will you get it?

Maybe you have some general idea that it’s already taken care of because you fund retirement accounts like EPF, save when you can, and assume it will all work out.

The reality is you’ve already “been there-done that” with these conventional planning approaches, yet you still feel some uncertainty about how to achieve your financial goals, and whether or not you’ll really have enough money to do what you want to do.

  • Financial independence before you’re too old to enjoy it.
  • Stay home with the new baby so you don’t have to go back to work.
  • Pay for the kid’s college without going into debt or sacrificing retirement.
  • Switch careers to something more fulfilling, but less lucrative.
  • Pursue your entrepreneurial dream without breaking the bank.

Every one of these questions is solved by my unique Scenario-Analysis-Roadmapping process, and it’s totally different, and dramatically more effective than the conventional product-focused approach you might mistake it for.

  • It’s about strategically integrating all major aspects of your life to methodically and relentlessly cause your financial independence through the hundreds of decisions you make (and actions you take) every day, week, and month of the year.
  • It includes all asset classes (real estate, business, and paper assets), and isn’t just about buying some recommended mutual funds, stocks, or other financial product that your insurance or unit trust agents can sell you.
  • It integrates your personal life with your financial life into a holistic solution based on your unique skills, resources, and interests, because your personal financial goal is about much more than just money.
  • It includes an advanced planning framework built on an entirely different set of principles producing bigger results much faster than conventional financial planning approach can provide.

In fact, getting this Roadmap right is so critically important to making sure you reach your most important financial goals.

It’s the make-or-break starting point that determines whether your financial efforts will be wasted, or rewarded.

Yes, it’s that significant.

Here’s the rub… engineering a personalized, written, wealth plan is the single most important step to achieving financial freedom because the alternative is wasted effort every day, inefficient resource use, and high risk of failure. This is just common sense, and the alternative is irrational. Why would you do any different?

Yet, isn’t it amazing that most people spend more time planning their family vacation than planning their future wealth?

Everyone knows their vacation won’t happen unless it’s all planned in advance with flight and room reservations. It’s pretty obvious. But few people realize how your wealth won’t grow unless you make similar reservations of your time and financial resources.

Think about it this way–you would never consider building a house without first having an architect design and blueprint the entire structure. You need to know how all the parts fit together and the strategic order to build them in before that first board is cut or nail is driven. Anything less would cause a haphazard result and wasted effort.

Well, financial independence works the exact same way.

You need a blueprint with step-by-step instructions that carefully engineers your daily actions into a strategic order so everything fits together efficiently. It must be uniquely designed to fit your skills, resources, financial needs, and abilities or it won’t work.

When designed properly, your plan becomes the bridge between your situation today and your financial dreams for tomorrow. When that plan is real, then your dreams become real. The only thing left to do is complete the actions required. It makes the whole journey to financial freedom so much easier.

The disturbing truth is every day you live without this blueprint guiding your decisions decreases the odds of achieving your financial goals. It puts you just a little further away making it harder to reach.

If you want financial freedom in this lifetime then the next few minutes reading how all this fits together should be time well spent…

What If You Knew The EXACT Steps You Needed To Take Every Day, Week, Month And Year To Achieve Financial Independence?

Truth being said, it doesn’t require genius, special talents, privilege, or luck.

But it does require an actionable plan based on proven principles that’s organized into strategic steps that will get you results with minimal wasted effort.

In a nutshell, your Roadmap must be…

  • Built on proven formulas that lead to financial success.
  • Financially realistic (i.e. the math must work).
  • Custom fitted to your life, values, goals, skills, and resources so that you can actually implement it.
  • Designed to identify and capitalize on your unique, competitive advantages.
  • Written in language you understand and can work with.
  • Include proper representation from the three asset categories – business/career, real estate, and paper assets.
  • Broken down into simple, manageable steps so you know what to do and when to do it so that you actually reach your goal.
  • Again, it’s intuitively obvious once you see it; yet, if any of these pieces are missing from your plan then your success will be limited, at best.

A Road Map To Drive You Where You Want To Go

Your personal retirement roadmap must be designed to answer the following 3 big questions:

  • How am I going to get from where I am financially today to where I want to be in the future?
  • How am I going to make my financial goals fit the life I want to live (versus the other way around)?
  • What is my competitive advantage that can be converted into wealth?

A properly designed Roadmap converts your financial dreams into reality by reverse engineering these life questions into simple, action steps.

I call it “scenario analysis” where we put math behind your life plans to determine the financial result.

You will prioritize the issues and engineer numbers behind them in an organized way so you can see how each question impacts cash flows and assets.

Once you have the whole picture engineered properly, then you convert it into action steps arranged sequentially over time making your goals totally achievable.

Your financial goals are converted from a confusing set of complex questions into a concrete action plan that feels tangible and within reach for the first time in your life because you can finally see how all the puzzle pieces fit together.

You see that if you do X, then you will get Y. Clients tell me that after completing their plan, it’s the first time in their lives they actually believed they could achieve the goals most important to them (including financial freedom).

And since I am a certified financial planner, I thought of giving you a preview of how you should chart a Retirement Roadmap…so that you can reduce the number of nasty surprises involving your retirement finances.

Some of our clients, however, chose to engage us to construct a Retirement Roadmap for them…

And this step Transform their Retirement Planning entirely.

Here what they said…

“I really appreciate Ching Foo – he is very detailed – Always gives a lot of thoughts to me, always trigger my thinking so we can make the advisory more comprehensive…I really think he stands from Customer Standpoint” ~ Hong, Ling Seng, 43 (Penang), married with 2 children, Senior Engineering Director @ a Multinational company

“The methodology, the type of investment you are recommending, and the way to achieve that is actually on the same wavelength as me and my wife.

I can imagine not many advisers can be as flexible as yourself to do this kind of advisory work”

Testimonial from Tan Sun Yau, CFO of IBM M’sia (1978-2007) – via CF Lieu’s LinkedIn

Yes, add Retirement Roadmapping to my order…

& Transform my Retirement Planning + Management

  • Construct a retirement roadmap for you which provides consistent income stream, growing with inflation and largely unaffected by recession (we will contact you to schedule a fact-finding web conference session)
  • Web conference sessions
  • Web cam session + screen sharing
  • Consultation sessions, once done, are not refundable

Usual Consultation Fee = RM 4,000  1,999

No thanks

The whole process is just common sense once you understand it. It works just like a road map to take you from point A to point B.

You figure out where you are now and where you want to end up, then you route a path to get there. Below is the process you will experience, showing the journey you will travel as we develop your roadmap together:

  • Defining Your End Goal – You must know where you’re going before you can figure out how to get there. This step is trickier than it looks at first glance because financial freedom is a real number that can’t be faked. You must define exactly what financial freedom is for you, and what it isn’t. You can’t just pick a number out of the air. It is real and unique to you. It has meaning and purpose. We must define your goal correctly or you won’t get the desired result.
  • Finding Your Start Place – This is a bit easier. We do this by taking a complete inventory of your current situation.
  • Creating the Fastest Route – This is where the fun begins. We develop strategies for moving toward your dream and closing the gap to realized wealth and financial freedom. We figure out how to exploit your natural born talents and competitive advantages while managing around your weaknesses. We set an appropriate time period to reach your goal.
  • Engineering The Numbers – A plan is just a pipe dream unless the numbers work. We’ll use tools that make this part easy and clearly defined.
  • Supercharging Your Plan – Now that your core plan is created, it’s time to brainstorm alternative life scenarios to see what’s truly possible in your world and how the numbers change as a result. Principles applied in this stage include different ways to manage longevity risk, alternative applications for leverage, substituting asset classes, reallocating your limited resources for greater impact, passive vs. active investing, speed vs. reliability of the plan, creating bailouts and backstops, cash flow instead of asset accumulation, and much more…
  • Reverse Engineering Action Steps – Now it’s time to convert the entire plan from theory into practice with action steps you implement so you know exactly what you need to do this week, this month, this year, and 5 years from now.
  • Course Correcting – Once the plan is completed you immediately begin taking action. As you move forward, I’ll show you how to correct and adjust your plan so it’s fluid and evolving with each step you take. I’ll show you what potholes to watch out for and how to evolve throughout the process to reach your goal.

Do you see how it’s not rocket science? It’s a logical process. But the key is getting it done.

And with this 1on1 consultation you’ll actually get it done… in 30 days or less.

Each Day Spent Without an Actionable Roadmap is Another Opportunity Wasted And Another Delay To Your Financial Freedom

The decision is simple.

If you don’t have a roadmap already, then you need one to reliably attain your goal of financial freedom. It’s not an idea to put off until some mythical day in the future: you must stop the dreaming and start committing or you won’t produce the result.

If the voice inside your head is arguing how you don’t have the time, or the money, or you’re not ready, or can’t do it right now, then cram that voice in the garbage can and commit to making it happen now before you waste another year without a plan that efficiently governs your actions and produces valuable results.