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Housekeeping: The Battle For Your Inbox Attention

You’ll be receiving emails from me as part of this online training.

Now I know you get a lot of emails. No doubt about that.

Some of them get your attention. But most don’t.

But I need your attention!

In order to help ensure my emails gets to your inbox (and never into spam folder), you must add my email to your White-list, also called the Approved or Safe Sender list.

SEE  BELOW for instructions on how to do white-list my email  address for popular email service providers.


1. Open an email message from me.
2. Click on the little ‘3 vertical dots’ “MORE” next to “Reply.”
3. Click ‘Add [CF Lieu] to Contacts List’


1. Check your Spam folder if it ends up there
2. Open any email message from me.
3. Click ‘Not Spam’


1. Open an email message from me.
2. Click […] next to [CF Lieu], and then ‘Add to Safe senders’ to finish.

How to cancel your subscription membership
Search your email for a system email by ‘ThriveCart’ when you first subscribe to this. Inside that email, there should be a link at the bottom for you to cancel your subscription.

If you lost that email, then you need to use this page.