REITMethod Lite Access gives you the fastest, simplest way to get started in stocks AND real estate investing at the same time, even if you are a total beginner

Now, I want to give you the proven way to add 3,000/year* of purely passive, automatic dividends to your bank account – with high certainty

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the exact trainings I’ve been giving to high level banking and investment executives — for years.

Like this internal training for analysts, CEOs, accountants from the #1 investment management company in Malaysia – Permodalan Nasional Bhd – which manages Amanah Saham

Like this workshop for relationship managers and personal financial advisers in Maybank

Like this workshop for staff at RHB Investment Bank

Like this seminar for Financial Planning Association of Malaysia

The best of the financial industry learn from me.

Have you pondered over what you have been missing?

And not only does this REITMethod course delivers solid return of investment, (else these corporate organizations would NOT hire me to train their staff which in turn generate more revenue for the organization) – it delivers them fast and stress-free.

Best of all, you can learn from me at the comfort of your home, at your own time without stressing over the hassle of attending a physical event.

Access SectionCONTENT

  • How to know a REIT is undervalued?
  • The Valuation aka Earnings Power of REIT
  • Retail REIT and its characteristics
  • Healthcare REIT and its characteristics
  • Office REIT and its characteristics
  • Industrial REIT and its characteristics
  • Hospitality REIT and its characteristics
  • Niche/Specialty REIT and its characteristics
  • Impact from eCommerce to Retail Malls & REITs
  • Evolution of office REIT post pandemic
  • What is D.R.I.P
  • REIT S.W.O.T Analysis
  • How to Really Start Investing with RM 1k, RM 10k or RM 100k
  • How to Maximize the Compounding Effect from REIT Dividends
  • The ‘LOW Dividend Yield’ Dilemma – to invest or NOT to invest now?
  • Flywheel Investing Principle using REITs
  • [special] D.C. REIT – what most people don’t know
Access SectionCONTENT

  • Construct a REIT Portfolio Tracking Worksheet
  • Understand REIT Capital Raising
  • How to Evaluate Yield-Accretiveness of REIT Manager Property Acquisition
  • How Interest Rate Change would Impact REIT profitability
  • REIT Rights Issue Case Study
  • When to sell a REIT stocks
  • REIT portfolio review - the important criterion
  • How Interest Rate changes affect REITs
  • Detecting if there is any abnormal ‘operations’ by the REIT Manager
  • Worst case scenario in REIT Investing
  • REIT Dividend Breakdown – Taxable, Non-Taxable & Tax-Exempt?
  • What if…other Stocks Gives Higher Dividend Yield?
  • Why you can’t get the dividend yield you want
  • How to Get Double Digit Annual Returns
  • How eCommerce is Reshaping Industrial REITs
  • Global REIT Investing: Bench marking the Best

And those are just a few highlights.

The full REITMethod includes additional 24 video lessons (on top of your current 9 video lessons) that SHOW you exactly how to accelerate yourself in becoming an expert REIT stocks investor.

Follow along, step by step, as I guide you in your transformation.

I eagerly want to get you started like how we helped Vai, a real estate agent.

After joining REITMethod course, he restructured his property investment portfolio to give similar rental yield return with 10x lesser work involved.

Is REITMethod full online course right for you?

Most people take a trial-and-error approach when they start to invest in real estate properties or the stock market.

Many people also tend to take the unnecessarily harder route when they are just starting…

Paying for courses or seminars that are being priced exorbitantly just because these are conducted at high-end hotels for multiple days (unnecessarily), complete with lunch buffets.

That can work … if you have lots of money to spend (you can say I was a ‘victim’ too, many years back – learned the hard way with my hard-earned money, but you don’t have to repeat my mistakes)

But here’s the truth – most of them are expensive because of the overhead costs involved – like a physical venue rental, instructor’s travel/accommodation, support staff, etc.

Our program is laser focused. We strip away all unnecessary stuff like venue rental, instructor’s travel/accommodation and don’t teach any “fluff”, there’s no politics or niceties, we get straight down to business.

What you are paying for here is a shortcut.

I paid ‘tuition fees’ a lot more than anything I charge in this program.

I paid them throughout market cycles – underwent all the good times and adversities. In this online program, you get to download my brain and learn from my mistakes.

Many people think they should learn from success stories but the truth is, a person’s success is often times a combination of unique factors which you will not be able to duplicate because you are not the very same person. You are a unique person with your own unique circumstances.

However, you can learn a lot more from other people mistakes and NEVER make it on your own.

A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.

That’s the REAL COST of this information, that’s what it cost me to get to where I am today.

This program give you the shortcut so that you don’t need to go through that for yourself.

You choose… to be a smart man or a wise man/woman.

“But, what makes REITMethod different from what is out there?”

This is the only self-paced course that has been around since 2012, with over 600 students and counting. We are the only organization that had been engaged by banks and investment companies. And it is the only online REIT investing course that covers the entire spectrum of REIT investing, updated regularly with insider information. You get the 8 hours+ tutorial videos, the lecture slides, the spreadsheets with formulas and ongoing support — all included in the course and yours FOR LIFE.

“IS THIS JUST FOR 20-SOMETHINGS? I have a busy job and kids.”

We tested REITMethod with people of different ages, locations, niches, and skill levels. Age makes no difference in learning about REIT investing. And we’ll show you how to start generating passive recurring income from REITs even if you have big commitments like a family or a full-time job.

“What if I don’t know anything about REIT or investing?”

You do not need to know about investing or REIT to join REITMethod. We’ll show you exactly how to start from zero. Then, we’ll take you through the process to learn about the concepts, conduct your own analysis and start investing. You’ll feel empowered and confident to start your own REIT investing journey at the end of the course.

“How long will this course take?”

You get access to the entire course as soon as you enroll, but you can go at your own pace. To go through the course material and complete all of the exercises, expect to spend roughly 8-10 hours total.

Like everything I create, REITMethod course comes with my risk-free, iron-clad guarantee.

Enroll today and you can try the full REITMethod online course for 30 days to see if it’s right for you.

If you don’t absolutely love it and the new knowledge you’ve just gotten, just email me at, and I’ll happily give you a 100% refund. I’ll even eat the credit card and bank processing fee.

If you’re interested, you need to act now. It may be months before I reopen the full course again.

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