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Jacky Feng, Strategic Planning Director

“I’ve finally found the gem in getting a minimum 6% passive income SAFELY by investing in REIT  as shown in the course. 6% may not sound impressive but hey, it is 100 percent ‘passive’. I was desperately looking for an income-generating “thing” now I am in my 40s.  This course really opened my eyes – thank you for offering it.”

Jacky Feng, Strategic Planning Director Sapientia Capital Partners, Singapore/Shanghai
KC Lau, bestselling author of Top Money Tips for Malaysians

“REITMethod course has gone a long way since I co-founded it with CF Lieu in May 2012. I am impressed by CF effort in adding tremendous value for members from day 1 and at the same time keeping the program affordable enough for young investors to start investing and growing their money in REIT.

If anyone wants to invest in property-backed assets without the huge upfront capital or the hassle of managing tenants, this is the #1 educational program to get you started in no time. ”

KC Lau, bestselling author of Top Money Tips for Malaysians Malaysia's #1 financial educator @
WK Chew

“This course enhance or re-affirm my wealth building strategy via dividend investing is on the right path. I like to join like minded investors like you ”

WK Chew Quality Assurance Director - Western Digital Penang, Experienced stocks and property investor
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John Paul Wang SS

“REITMethod is a great program for people who are looking to understand the fundamentals of investing in REITs. The structure and syllabus of the program is simple to understand. This suits well for someone like me who doesn’t have a financial or accounting background.

I attended this program a few years back and I’m still going back to the materials for refresher every now and then. It has become like a text book for me.”

John Paul Wang SS Global Supply Management Quality & Reliability Engineer, Intel Kulim
Amy Sipagal

We decided that REIT is an investment that we could put our money into. The risk is deemed low which suits us because we are typically a risk-averse couple.

It was easy to start trading in REIT as my husband already has an online trading account. We will continue to invest in REIT as it is low risk and the returns are good.

Amy Sipagal Best-selling co-author of Top 93 Personal Finance FAQs in Malaysia, with KCLau
Jordan Lau,

“REITMethod contents are in-depth but easy to understand at the same time. When it comes to Distribution Per unit, etc in REITs – those kind of info are easy to understand for me.”

Jordan Lau, Project Manager, KL
Eric Lim

I’d highly recommend this course – it’s very relevant to Malaysian market. Trust me, I’m a veteran equity market investor for the past 10 years.

Eric Lim General Manager, Integrated Global Solutions S/B (IGSB)

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