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Testimonial from Tan Sun Yau, CFO of IBM M'sia (1978-2007) - via CF Lieu's LinkedIn

Life-changing! Gives me the Freedom to determine my Lifestyle

Jacky Feng, Strategic Planning Director

“ I’ve finally found the gem in getting a minimum 6% passive income SAFELY by investing in REIT  as shown in the course. 6% may not sound impressive but hey, it is 100 percent 'passive'. I was desperately looking for an income-generating “thing” now I am in my 40s.  This course really opened my eyes – thank you for offering it.”

Jacky Feng, Strategic Planning Director
Sapientia Capital Partners, Singapore/Shanghai

Property investment that frees you from tenants-related issues

KC Lau, bestselling author of Top Money Tips for Malaysians

“REITMethod course has gone a long way since I co-founded it with CF Lieu in May 2012. I am impressed by CF effort in adding tremendous value for members from day 1 and at the same time keeping the program affordable enough for young investors to start investing and growing their money in REIT.

If anyone wants to invest in property-backed assets without the huge upfront capital or the hassle of managing tenants, this is the #1 educational program to get you started in no time. ”

KC Lau, bestselling author of Top Money Tips for Malaysians
Malaysia's #1 financial educator @
Azian Ahmad, Business Owner & ex-Head of Human Resource Operations

As a long time physical commercial property investor myself, it is easy for me to embrace REIT asset class.

But I didn't take action because I wasn't confident on the ins and outs of REITs.

Your insights in this REIT course has enabled me to diversify + expand my horizon beyond just commercial property investment in Malaysia

I believe in investing in yourself to transcend yourself to a higher position in life. Plus, having the right mentor helps. After all,  I believe nothing good ever comes free.

Azian Ahmad, Business Owner & ex-Head of Human Resource Operations
Shell Business Service Center

  • Solid Actionable Steps

    Strategies & blueprints you can use today, next year, 5 years or 10 years down the road.

  • Concise and Precise

    No fluff or filler content.  Build up the foundation stuff you need to know to implement advanced strategies right away.

  • Self Paced Learning

    On-line tutorial videos accessible any time, anywhere with Internet connection.

  • Periodical Updates*

    Members get insider updates to the REIT sector in Malaysia.  *For Subscription membership only

Who is the facilitator of REITMethod and how credible is he?

Hi,  it's me - CF Lieu. I am a licensed financial adviser by the Securities Commission of Malaysia to conduct regulated financial planning activities and charge a professional fee for it. That goes without saying that I am a CFP holder as well.

I am a passionate DIY investor in M-REITs, a columnist on REIT investment in & Money Compass magazine and occasionally being invited as speaker to deliver educational seminar on REIT investment.

Check out my work at my official site at

The founders of REIT Method program have been featured in the following media channels & organizations

What Else our Students Have to Say

Real people, real success stories

“This course enhance or re-affirm my wealth building strategy via dividend investing is on the right path. I like to join like minded investors like you ”

WK Chew
Quality Assurance Director - Western Digital Penang, Experienced stocks and property investor

“REITmethod course is great, especially for a beginner like me. I especially like the depth of detail that you went through in the annual reports such as the key terminologies,pros and cons of each REIT types etc.

Overall,I really enjoyed your tutorials and learned a lot.

Really appreciate the effort you put into making the course."

Desmond Poh
Pharmacist - Taiping Perak, Ministry of Health

“REITMethod is a great program for people who are looking to understand the fundamentals of investing in REITs. The structure and syllabus of the program is simple to understand. This suits well for someone like me who doesn’t have a financial or accounting background.

I attended this program a few years back and I’m still going back to the materials for refresher every now and then. It has become like a text book for me.”

John Paul Wang
Manager at Intel Penang

“I’d highly recommend this course – it’s very relevant to Malaysian market. Trust me, I’m a veteran equity market investor for the past 10 years.”

Eric Lim
General Manager, Integrated Global Solutions S/B (IGSB)

“We decided that REIT is an investment that we could put our money into. The risk is deemed low which suits us because we are typically a risk-averse couple.

It was easy to start trading in REIT as my husband already has an online trading account. We will continue to invest in REIT as it is low risk and the returns are good.”

Amy Sipagal
Best-selling co-author of Top 93 Personal Finance FAQs in Malaysia, with KCLau

CF Lieu has conducted workshops for analysts, CEOs, accountants from the #1 investment management company in M'sia - Permodalan Nasional Bhd - which manages Amanah Saham

CF Lieu has conducted workshops for relationship managers and personal financial adviser in Banks such as Maybank

CF Lieu has conducted workshops for Brokerage Houses such RHB Investment Bank

CF Lieu has conducted courses for Financial Planning Associations such as FPAM Sabah Chapter

CF Lieu is also a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) trainer for FPAM & Securities Commission

CF Lieu is a speaker, columnist & independent licensed financial planner

Why is REIT Passive Dividend Income so Predictable?

  • Because you cannot "Grow Land"
  • Because REIT is directly correlated with commercial property...
  • ...and there is always business demand for commercial property
  • Because Property rental always goes up
  • Because REIT must distribute 90% of its taxable profit to enjoy tax exemption

Full Course Content

(Total 8+ Hours)

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Testimonials n-th...

How Vai, a real estate agent plans to restructure his property investment portfolio to yield similar rental yield return with 10x lesser work

Jordan Lau, Project Manager, KL

"REITMethod contents are in-depth but easy to understand at the same time. When it comes to Distribution Per unit, etc in REITs - those kind of info are easy to understand for me."

Jordan Lau, Project Manager, KL
(See Jordan's feedback below)

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Online access to the course comes with 30 days refund guarantee. Consultation sessions, once done, are not refundable
All Basic, Advanced & Mastery Modules
60 minutes 1-1 consultation via Skype call
Retirement-income portfolio construction & advisory using REITs
'Result GUARANTEED' Coaching Call: 2 hours per month for 3 months


99 6 x months

For novice REIT investor

If you just want plain-vanilla learning course to start your REIT investing, this is your best option.
  • All Basic, Advanced & Mastery ModulesYES
  • 60 minutes 1-1 consultation via Skype callYES
  • Retirement-income portfolio construction & advisory using REITsNO
  • 'Result GUARANTEED' Coaching Call: 2 hours per month for 3 monthsNO


1999 one time

For serious retiree or soon-to-retire

Everything in Pro level access, plus I literally GUARANTEE you are going to get Hard Cold Cash into your Bank Account from REITs in the next 3 months by checking in with you every month via a 90 minutes "Force Me To Succeed” web conference call
  • All Basic, Advanced & Mastery ModulesYES
  • 60 minutes 1-1 consultation via Skype callYES
  • Retirement-income portfolio construction & advisory using REITsYES
  • 'Result GUARANTEED' Coaching Call: 2 hours per month for 3 monthsYES

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