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What Exactly is REITMethod program?


“Thank you for offering this course. It’s damn cheap, man, definitely undervalued. You use layman language, you don’t throw all the jargons. You teach the fundamentals and highlight all the important things – I think that’s VERY useful. ”
Jacky Feng, Consumer Research Specialist, Singapore

Jacky Feng Testimonial

“REITMethod course has gone a long way since I co-founded it with CF Lieu and launched it just RM 58 in May 2012. I am impressed by CF effort in adding tremendous value for members from day 1, conducting interviews with REIT Managers – and at the same time keeping the program affordable enough for young investors to start investing and growing their money in REIT. If anyone wants to invest in property-backed assets without the huge upfront capital or the hassle of managing tenants, this is the #1 educational program to get you started in no time. ”
KC Lau of KCLau.com, Co Founder of REITMethod.com


StarProperty & Money Compass REIT columnist

Founder of HowToFinanceMoney.com


Co-founder of REITMethod.com with KCLau.com



REITMethod Collage - Copy

REIT articles for Money Compass and me + wife at Axis REIT Media Appreciation Night 2012

If I were to ask you to choose between these 2 choices:

Choice 1: High Risk of Losing a Lot of Money for a Potentially Higher but Non Guaranteed Return


Choice 2: Low Risk of Losing Money for Certainty in Average Return

If you opt for Choice 2, then Real Estate Investment Trust is for You

The Average Return here is Actually NOT TOO Shabby. See how it compares below:

hektar reit yield

Source: HEKTAR REIT Annual Report 2013

But wait, it gets even better. I didn’t say this dividend return is the ONLY investment Return you are going to get. Because this return is only the Dividend Portion, which is just the TIP of the ICEBERG. Just like any value investing in any stocks, REIT potential capital gain can be MUCH higher than that. You could be getting than that in Capital Appreciation of the REIT Stock Price Tip of the Iceberg REIT

“I went through modules 4 and 5. Very information and good analysis. Thanks a lot! This information totally worth every sen that I have paid for. Really good job! ”
Daniel Foo, founder of SilverInMalaysia

Why is REIT passive dividend income so Predictable?

  • You cannot Grow Land
  • REIT is eseentially correlated with commercial property…
  • …and there is always Business Demand for Commercial Property
  • Property Rental only goes up, NEVER go down
  • It is a liquid, unlike direct property investment
  • Regulated by Government Incentive

Some REIT are Syariah Compliant – which means suitable for Muslim investor

I have done the ground work made the content simple enough for any man on the street to understand.

Because I know we are all busy with our daily job and family – we have limited time to do extensive research to conclude a REIT is good investment or not. Yet, we want to invest our money with minimal risk and less hassle. I want to tell you, you need not worry because I have done all the dirty job for you in this course.  You probably just need to spend no more than 30 minutes every weekend to monitor your REIT portfolio. Then every 3 months, just be ready to receive dividend from your REIT holdings, consistently. It’s all about showing you how you can do it yourself, even without any background in accounting or finance. Best of all, unlike a seminar, you can always watch a series of Self-Paced Video Tutorials again and again in case you miss out any points – in the comfort of your home.

“This course enhance or re-affirm my wealth building strategy via dividend investing is on the right path. I like to join like minded investors like you ”
WK Chew, QA Director, Western Digital Penang

Below are what you are getting from this course to make you  more successful in REIT investing

WEEK 1: The Fundamentals

(Value: RM 400)

  • REIT Basics and Jargons Explained
  • REIT Benefits and Comparison with other Investment Vehicle
  • Criterion to check before Investing
  • How to know a REIT is undervalued?
  • The Valuation aka Earnings Power of REIT
  • What Constitutes a Reputable Trustee?

new1WEEK 2: REIT Class & Reading Annual Report Demo

(Value: RM 400)

  • Retail REIT and its characteristics
  • Healthcare REIT and its characteristics
  • Office REIT and its characteristics
  • Industrial REIT and its characteristics
  • Hospitality REIT and its characteristics
  • Plantation REIT and its characteristics
  • How to Read REIT Annual Report Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3


WEEK 3: REIT Fundamental Metrics

(Value: RM 700

  • AmanahRaya REIT
  • Axis REIT
  • Atrium REIT
  • Al-Aqar Healthcare REIT
  • Al-Hadharah REIT
  • Capital Malls Malaysia Trust
  • Hektar REIT
  • Pavilion REIT
  • Quill Capita REIT
  • Starhill REIT
  • Sunway REIT
  • Tower REIT

WEEK 4: Bonus Contents

(Value: RM 500)

  • How to Declare REIT Dividends in Tax Filing?
  • How to Evaluate Yield-Accretiveness of REIT Manager Property Acquisition
  • AmFIRST Rights Issue 2012
  • Rights Issue – To subscribe or not to subscribe?
  • Wise things to do with Rights Issue?
  • How to avoid “Losing Money” from Rights issue?
  • Axis REIT Dividend Reinvestment Return
  • Hospitality REIT Case Study
  • Downloadable MP4 videos and PDF Notes
  • 150+ Q&A from REITMethod 2012 batch of members’ enrollment
Total Value: RM 2100
This Launch Price: Only RM 268

Here is our 90 minutes, info-packed online Live Session recorded in April 2014.

“Hi CF, thank for making so effort to much help us to understand more about REIT. ”
YH Ng, Executive Coach, Owner of iLearning Management Services, Penang

The limited price until 4 August 2013 11.59 pm MYT , is at RM 268

The world’s fairest money back guarantee

One last thing I am compelled to tell you.

After enrolling hundred of members, this course has


to date.

We are confident that course content is insanely useful. But still, we want to reverse all the risk and throw you no-question asked,  30–days money back guarantee.

Alright, here’s what I want you to do now.

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  See you on the inside. KCLau & CFLieu REITMethod.com

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